Wednesday, August 31, 2011

5 layer assignment instructions

Assignment #1, 5 layer exercise
Works in progress critique will be Tuesday, September 13th
Due posted on blog Monday, September 19th by noon.

This animation needs to be at least 30 seconds long, and consist of at least five drawing layers/elements.  Your animation needs to address the following 5 directives.

1.One element that morphs from one shape to another.
2.One element that uses the 3-dimensional space of the frame.
3.One element that uses the frame line and off-screen space– in other words enters and exits the frame.
4.One element that changes radically every frame, utilizing rapid replacement animation.
5. One element that employs both exaggerated squash and stretch and ease in and out.


  1. On the syllabic schedule, you have typed to pick two parameters from the 5-layer assignment to work on and place them in the class folder on the server.
    But, in class did you not tell us to pick one parameter to work on, and do you want it in the class folder on Tuesday or just saved as a file on our desktops?
    Also, I don't remember covering keys and in-betweens, yet. Just want to make sure I've got everything in order.

    (P.S. I was serious about helping you decorate the blog, if you'll accept my help.)

  2. ok. so every time i click on a certain frame and everytime i save, i get an error message saying that the "frame cannot be read/loaded" and that it "cannot write /network/servers/....frames that need to be saved" to i get my frames to load and save, if there is another way.